"Developing a PEACEFUL WORLD INDUSTRY 
                      as a sustainable antidote to violence, crime, and delinquency."

Recap from Responsible Fatherhood and Community Peace Mini-Workshop, Chicago State University, 6/27/13, with session title, "FOR THE CHILDREN'S SAKE: Learning with Fathers of Murder Victims."

Our (Peaceful World Movement and Quality of Life Solution) first workshop in the series on Responsible Fatherhood and Community Peace, held at Chicago State University on Chicago's South Side on 6/27/13 was more of a success than we imagined.

Even with the heavy rain and strong wind, a diverse age group of African American participants mainly from Englewood and Roseland communities, two of the highest violence communities in Chicago, happily participated. These are the main communities of focus for our work at the moment.

Lawrence Walls, Sr. who I recently featured on my latest article entitled, “Why did they Kill My Son” made a guest appearance and helped workshop participants understand the thoughts, feelings, and actions associated with losing a child through violence. Participants were amazed with how much they learned from sharing various experiences. The working groups matched persons who lost loved ones through murder, and those who did not. Those who did not have the experience interviewed those who had, through use of various questions that Dr. Peter K. B. St. Jean provided.

Our next Mini-workshop is on July 25 and entitled, “Introduction to Responsible Fatherhood.”

Is is amazing how much difference some healthy dialogue can make. We thank all those who participated in our first workshop, and look forward to seeing you and your guests on July 25th.

We thank our co-sponsor, the
Neighborhood Assistance Center at Chicago State University. We thank Michero Washington from SAFE STREETS for being with us, as well as Arthur Stringer from Developers of Dreams, and Don Dirk from Mission of Peace.

Enjoy the pictures below:

Synopsis from April 9th 2013 discussion at Chicago State University,
Douglas 103, 12:30-2:00pm, entitled,
"Why Aren't there MORE Murders in Chicago?

The discussion was hosted by Dr. Yan Searcy, Interim Associate Dean College of Arts and Sciences, Chicago State University. The presenter and leader of the discussion was Dr. Peter K. B. St. Jean.

Thirty one persons represented various community non profit organizations, Chicago State University faculty, and students, were present at the discussion. Dr. Searcy welcomed the audience and reminded them that the discussion is part of a series of presentations taking place on campus to stimulate provocative thought and dialogue that can lead to creating a better society. He introduced Dr. St. Jean, who he believes has a unique and promising approach through the Peaceful World Movement, to addressing the problems of violence in Chicago, and elsewhere.

In Dr. St. Jean's brief presentation, he outlined various statistics which indicate the decline in murders in Chicago from the first five years of the 1990s when there were an average of 899 murders per year, to the most recent five years, when there were an average of 470 murders per year: a 48% decrease between those periods. Dr St. Jean indicated that, while murders are still too high in Chicago, it is important to focus on approaches that may be contributing to the decline.

He showed a map which illustrated the various police districts where murders remained relatively low, high, mid-range, and changed from one level to another during the periods. Police District 8 was the only one where murders have increased between the two periods. More details about the material covered in the presentation can be obtained from the following article written by Dr. St. Jean and published by on April 8th 2013: “The Decline of Murders in Chicago: Voices from the Streets."

After Dr. St. Jean's presentation, he introduced guests who he invited to the meeting to share their views about what seems to be working to reduce murders in Chicago. He indicated that he determined which guests to invite when their names or organizations were mentioned by persons he had encountered while conducting crime and peace related field research in Chicago. He said in conversations with many ex-offenders and others who are at high risk of being perpetrators or victims of murder, the names of certain organizations and individuals emerged as part of the solution. He therefore, invited heads of some of those organizations to the discussion to dialogue with each other, and plan the way forward through the vision of the Peaceful World Movement, which is to develop a Peace Industry in Chicago as a sustainable antidote to the problems of crime, violence, delinquency, and associated issues.

Persons who spoke on behalf of organizations include Arthur "Bo" Stringer and Dirk Alkin "Don Dirk", President and Vice President of Developers of Dreams; Ray Soucek, President of Haymarket Center; Audrey Wright of Gordie's Foundation; Pleasant Stephens, Founder of Infinity Building Economics/Black Political Action Committees; Lewis Myers and Douglas Thomson, Professors in the Department of Criminal Justice, CSU; and several others.

On Wednesday, April 15
th 2013, from 4:30-6:45pm, at the Swift Mansion on 4500 S. Michigan Avenue, Chicago, the Peaceful Chicagoland Initiative chapter of the Peaceful World Movement will host a restorative justice dialogue with former leaders of some of Chicago's most notorious street organizations such as the Black Disciples. The dialogue will include students from Dr. St. Jean's Restorative Justice class at Governors State University. They will discuss with members of the street organizations the relevance of restorative justice to their efforts to create more peace in Chicago's most troubled communities.


Founder and Executive Director of the Peaceful World Movement, Dr. Peter K. B. St. Jean, has been asked by EBONY Magazine, to prepare a variety of articles to be included in its series on the epidemic of violence in its hometown, Chicago. The series began on March 13th 2013 with Dr. St. Jean's first article, "MURDER BY THE NUMBERS" and is called, "ENOUGH: Chicago and the Tragedy of Urban Violence."

We hereby feature below, links to the introduction of this important series by Jamilah Lemieux, News and Lifestyle Editor,, and Dr. St. Jean's various articles. We will soon add links to the other articles written by other authors in the series. Our hope is that this series will create new windows of opportunity for the further enjoyment of peaceful living in the Chicago area, and beyond.

Introduction by Jamilah Lemieux
"ENOUGH: Chicago and the Tragedy of Urban Violence
by Jamilah Lemieux; March 13th 2013: Articles written by Dr. Peter K. B. St. Jean

April 8th 2013:
The Decline of Murders in Chicago: Voices from the Streets
Dr. Peter K.B. St. Jean on the 'quiet revolution' taking place on the city's streets

March 26th 2013:
Beyond Murders:
Struggles of Shooting Survivors in Chicago

March 20th 2013
Homegoing for Jonylah Emani Watkins:
Mourners pack Chicago's New Beginnings Church to grieve the six-month-old who was gunned down last week

March 19th 2013
Guns and Murders:
Former and Current Shooters and Illegal Gun Carriers speak

March 19th 2013
Babies should have Birthdays, not Wakes:
Dr. Peter K.B. St. Jean reflects on attending the viewing of one Chicago's tiniest homicide victims

March 13th 2013
Murder by the Numbers:
Dr. Peter K.B. St. Jean examines homicide trends in Chicago over the last 20 years



April 9th 2013; 12:30-2:00pm

Chicago State University
Douglas Hall, Rm 103
                                                                                 GUEST: DR. PETER K. B. ST. JEAN

Breaking News,
June 18th 2012

Peaceful World Movement Chapter entitled "Peaceful Chicagoland Initative" formed in Chicago, IL on June 16th 2012 as one of the outcomes of the first National Summit on Black Male Achievement

Chicago, IL, June 18th 2012: On Saturday, June 16th 2012, at 5:35pm, as the call to action component of a workshop entitled, "The Business of Peace" conducted by Dr. Peter K. B. St. Jean, Executive Director of the Peaceful World Movement, and member of the organizing committee of the first National Summit on Black Male Achievement, the Chicago area chapter of the Peaceful World Movement was formed at Kennedy King College. That chapter was named the Peaceful Chicagoland Initiative, and the first members of the working committee are Michelle Joiner, Ronald Webb, Deborah Minor Harvey, and   Dr. Peter K. B. St. Jean.

The Business of Peace Workshop was part of the inaugural National Summit on Black Male Achievement which took place from Thursday June 14th to Saturday, June 16th 2012 in Chicago, IL, and sponsored by Third World Press Foundation, Kennedy King College, The Open Society Foundation / Campaign for Black Male Achievement, with support from the State of Illinois and The Lomax Companies of Pennsylvania.

The Summit began with a keynote address and book signing by famed Harvard University Law Professor, Dr. Charles Ogletree who discussed "The Crisis Facing Young Black Males." On June 15th and 16th, the Summit featured another keynote address by Dr. Ogletree entitled, "Are We Post-Racial after the Election of President Obama? Not!". The discussion following Dr. Ogletree's address was moderated by Dr. Peter K. B. St. Jean, and included comments from the panelists attorney Lou Mayers, retired Chicago Police Homicide detective, Daveed Lemieux, and a surprising appearance by US Congressman for Illinois' 1st Congregational District, Bobby Rush.

Other keynote addresses at the Summit were delivered by Susan L. Taylor from the National CARES Mentoring Program,      Dr. Carol Lee of Northwestern University, and Bakari Kitwana, a journalist and political analyst. Several working sessions were also conducted on subjects that included Road to the Individual Education Plan (IEP), Wellness Living, Slave Education, Community Organizing, Increasing Fatherhood Involvement, Catching youth from Juvenile Prison before Adult Incarceration, Social Media, Arts and Culture as Business, Community Activism and Empowerment, Real Talk: Boys to Men, Student Athletes, Success Beyond the Field, Building Strong Families, What to expect from the Individual Education Plan, The Business of Peace, Ujima and Ujamaa: Building Wealth through Cooperative Economics and Collective Work, Resilience: Peace, Power, and Prosperity, Moving the Religious to the Spiritual, Cultural Parenting, Hip Hop and Entrepreneurship, and a Nyansapo Elder Award Reception and Presentation honoring Useni Eugene Perkins, Paul Hill, Dr. Wade W. Nobles, and Baba Hannibal Afrik (posthumously).

The Summit ended with the Hip Hop and Entrepreneurship plenary session that included keynote speaker Bakari Kitwana, with panelists RhymeFest, Jasiri X, and Martha Diaz. The purpose of the Summit was not only to highlight key information for discussion and consumption, but to create a series of action plans aimed at increasing Black Male Achievement in the United States, and elsewhere. The formation of the Peaceful Chicagoland Initiative was in keeping with that mandate of the Summit.

The Peaceful Chicagoland Initiative, therefore, is formed through the collaboration of the Peaceful World Movement, and the National Summit on Black Male Achievement whose main organizing body is Third World Press. As a next step to having formed the Peaceful Chicagoland Initiative, working committee members are scheduled to have their first organizing meeting at a place (hopefully at Third World Press), time, and date still to be announced. Please return to the website of the Peaceful World Movement for this and other relevant updates.

The mission of the Peaceful Chicagoland Initiative is in keeping with the mission of the Peaceful World Movement:
"Developing a PEACEFUL WORLD INDUSTRY as a sustainable antidote to violence, crime, and delinquency." At their first organizing meeting, the Working Committee of the Peaceful Chicagoland Initiative Working will further determine how to apply the concepts of the Peaceful World Movement to the lived realities in aspects of the Chicagoland area, beginning with the City of Chicago.

Dr. St. Jean's idea of developing peace as an industry, which is the subject of one of his ongoing book manuscripts, was enthusiastically embraced by persons who attended his workshop on The Business of Peace. They believe that such a framework can have several positive real-world ramifications for the Chicagoland area, especially communities challenged by aspects of Black male achievement, and of most need, within the City of Chicago itself.

To become part of the Peaceful Chicagoland Initiative, write to, or call     Dr. St. Jean at 716-603-0992.

Below are some pictures from the first National Summit on Black Male Achievement:

Pictures from Thursday, June 14th, Book Signing and Key Note Address
by Dr. Charles Ogletree, Harvard University Law School. All pictures of that date were taken by John Alexander.

The following pictures are in a slideshow from Dr. Ogletree's June 14th 2012 book signing.  View and download as you wish.
All pictures taken by John Alexander.

The pictures below are from the Friday June 15th and Saturday June 16th portions of the first National Summit on Black Male Achievement held at Kennedy King College. The event was sponsored by Third World Press Foundation, Kennedy King College, The Open Society Foundation / Campaign for Black Male Achievement, with support from the State of Illinois and The Lomax Companies of Pennsylvania. All pictures taken by Dr. Peter K. B. St. Jean (except those depicting him in person).
Dear World.
Are you tired of being tired about the mounting concerns about violence, crime, and delinquency that are around you, your family, your community, your nation, your region, and indeed, your world? Are you really tired of chasing the tale of crime, violence, and delinquency, only to realize that with all of the money being spent, the multitude of anti-crime initiatives, the so called "War on Crime" "War on Poverty" and the like, that there seems to be little indications of hope?

If you are, really fed up and concerned about your peaceful future, then you are not alone. You are among a large group of people that I have met over the last 15 years as, with others, I have been working tirelessly as a criminologist and sociologist. My focus has been not simply to updating the world about the suffering of our fellow brothers and sisters around the world, but to use the gifts of my knowledge and skills, and that of others, to help to make a conspicuous positive difference  to improve the quality of life of our my fellow humans.

If you want to learn about this movement that I have initiated and am heading, with the help of several others such as the Dominica Academy of Arts and Sciences (DAAS), the Government of my homeland, Dominica, the Law Firm of Gabriel J. Christian and Associates, Whitehead and Whitehead Legal, the Commonwealth of Dominica Police Force, MPI, Inc. of Chicago, L Nathan Hare and the Community Action Organization of Buffalo, NY, UMOVE, Toronto, Burgcom, Dominica, and several other organizations and individuals, I invite you to explore this website to learn more about our Movement, and become a part of it.

So far, we have started chapters in Dominica (April 12th 2010) (see "Peaceful Dominica" above, and Buffalo, NY (September 19th 2010) (see "Peaceful Buffalo" above). Our next chapter is scheduled for Chicago, IL within the first 5 months of 2010. If you would like to consider having a chapter of the Movement in your city, please go to our guest book and inform us accordingly.

The life that you save; the child that YOU, save, may well be your own.


Peter K. B. St. Jean, Ph.D.
Founder/President/CEO, Quality of Life Associates, Inc. (Buffalo, NY based)
and Quality of Life Solutions, Inc. (Chicago, IL based)
Founder, Peaceful World Movement, NFP,INC.
Director, Paternal Involvement Center  of Chicago
Chair, Youth Development Committee (DAAS)
Fellow, Center of Urban Studies, University at Buffalo
Adjunct, University at Buffalo, Sociology

                                                   (c) 2010 Peaceful World Movement. All rights reserved.
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